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The Best Time of the Year to Shop for Clothing and Accessories

Buying Luggage Is Not Just For Girls

Buying Luggage Is Not Just For Girls

If you love looking trendy and in style, you’re probably aware that it’s not a preference that comes cheap. Wearing the latest fashions is going to cost you a lot, which is why it’s not a possibility for a lot of women. This isn’t to say that you’ll never be able to wear designer threads or own the most sought after accessories. In fact, it’s completely doable if you’re smart about what times during the year that you go shopping. Unless you’re making bank like Trump, you’re going to be restricted on just how much you can buy, but even on a budget you’ll be able to pick up some key items if you’re smart about when you shop.

Athletic Gear and Luggage

If you’re looking to pick up some cute new luggage to take with you on that summer trip you’ve planned but you don’t want to pay top price, you should start looking in early spring. During spring break season luggage tends to go on sale in most stores in order to appeal to the students who are looking to get away for their vacation. This means you can get quality brand-name (cute!) merchandise for a fraction of what you’d pay during the rest of the year.

Athletic gear also goes on sale in the spring. This is because in most places the weather is finally taking a turn for the better, which means people are going to want to start preparing for summer when they’re the most active. So if you need any kind of athletic shoe or sportswear for the activities you participate in, you need to start shopping before June rolls around.


If you’re looking to score some gorgeous jewellery, you’re going to want to shop in February. The sole reason for this is Valentine’s Day, which is when most jewellers will put their wares on sale in order to entice men to buy trinkets for their significant others. These aren’t deals meant exclusively for men, however; if you’ve been eyeing up that pair of diamond solitaire earrings and they’re a part of the Valentine’s Day sale, you should totally take advantage of that. Some of the more expensive, rare pieces probably won’t be on sale even during this time, so you may just have to settle for something cheaper that’s just as shiny.

Summer Clothes

Summer Is Coming.. Go Shopping

Summer Is Coming.. Go Shopping

If you’re looking to pick up some cute summer threads, the best time to shop is from mid-August to mid-September. Summer clothes will be on clearance during this time, which means you can pick up a ton of stuff for a fraction of the price. Of course, you won’t be able to wear this stuff until next summer which means it won’t necessarily be in style, but if you don’t care about being up-to-date trendy that shouldn’t be an issue with you. Along with summer clothes you’ll be able to find other summery things on sale, too—swimsuits and flip flops and dressy sandals should all be on sale at the same time.

Luxe Merchandise

If you’re looking to score some luxe items at low cost, you need to either go shopping during November’s Black Friday (in the States) or December’s Boxing Day (in Canada). Retailer’s slash their prices on these days (and some stores even put on sales all week long), which means you can pick up some pretty spectacular items for peanuts. For example, computers and tablets can be grabbed for as much as 75% off, which means you’d be insane not to try and take advantage of these sales.

Lots Of People Love Shopping

Lots Of People Love Shopping

Black Friday and Boxing Day sales aren’t just limited to electronics, either. You can grab jewellery, clothes, furniture, appliances, and home décor for super cheap, as well. Basically, if you can think of it, you can probably get it on sale during either of these big shopping days. Just remember that you’ll have to contend with some pretty serious crowds in order to get any shopping done.

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5 Reasons Why Restaurants Fail

The Restaurant Business Is Tough

The Restaurant Business Is Tough

The restaurant business can be a scary world to peer into, and sometimes it can seem like it’s hopeless for you to make your attempt at starting up your own eating establishment. After all, it seems like if a restaurant isn’t simply losing money hand over first for the first few years of its life, then it’s just failing outright. You don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a loan and starting up your business only to have to shutter the place in six months or a year. Why is it that so many restaurants fail, anyway? If you do your research and have a good idea of what you should not be doing when you’re running a food service business, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of heartache. If you’re interested in being vigilant against making common mistakes, then here are five common reasons why restaurants fail.

1. The Area Can’t Support the Concept

If you’re planning on opening a pan-Asian fusion restaurant in a one-stoplight rural farming town, you should stop and ask yourself if that’s really the best idea. A big reason why restaurants fail is simply because their owners haven’t done the correct research on the market they’re moving into, and they try to open a restaurant whose concept is either unpopular with the resident population or it is unable to stand out among market saturation. For example, opening an Italian bistro in a town that already has ten other Italian restaurants will make it very difficult to succeed, especially if the competition is well-established and popular. To avoid failing right out of the gate, do research and figure out what the people in your area want to eat, and what they’re interested in trying. Find a need and fulfill it.

2. Poor Oversight of Kitchen Staff

Get The Kitchen Staff Working Their Best

Get The Kitchen Staff Working Their Best

It might seem like hiring for a restaurant is easy when all you have to do is throw up a few ads on Craigslist for some dishwashers and line cooks and people will line up at your door. However, if the kitchen is in disarray, it’s a sure bet that the state of the restaurant will soon follow suit. If a restaurant owner doesn’t hire a hard-working and skilled kitchen staff, including a chef that acts in a managerial capacity, they can quickly find that the quality of their service declines. Food will be made improperly or too slowly, and could result in long, disappointing waits for customers. If a restaurant becomes known for having a very slow or sloppy kitchen, it can find itself out of cash and closing its doors.

3. An Overambitious Menu

Everybody loves options, right? It can certainly seem that way, and you might be tempted to concoct a massive menu that serves a huge variety of dishes from breakfast all the way through lunch and dinner. However, this has been the downfall of many restaurants because of the huge strain it puts on your ability to supply the kitchen and create the food. Having a huge menu means having to maintain an inventory that can support the creation of those dishes, even if customers only order a given item a few times a week. Plus the quality of your food can decline if your kitchen feels overwhelmed and their skills aren’t adequate enough to cover the necessary range of techniques.

4. Bad Customer Service Kills Reputations

Customer Service Can Make Or Kill Your Restaurant Reputation

Customer Service Can Make Or Kill Your Restaurant Reputation

If a restaurant’s waitstaff consistently provides service that leaves customers unsatisfied, or worse, unhappy, then its days as a solvent business are numbered. If you aren’t making the effort to hire and train waitstaff in the procedures that you want them to follow during the business day, you’re setting them up for failure. Failure equals bad service, and bad service equals bad word of mouth. Before you even know it, the bad reviews are piling up on all the websites online, and the stream of customers coming through your door is disappearing. If you can’t provide a good experience for people, your restaurant will fail quickly.

5. Food Costs Can Drag You Down

Food can spoil quickly, especially if you want to stock your kitchen with a lot of fresh ingredients, and these costs add up quickly. If you’re routinely buying inventory to support a volume you aren’t doing, you’ll find that you’re throwing away a lot of food each week. This is just like lighting money on fire. Restaurants that can’t keep their food supply costs under control will quickly find themselves bleeding cash until they can’t support the business anymore.

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Should You Re-Date Your Ex

Giving Your Past Relationship A Second Chance

Giving Your Past Relationship A Second Chance

Deciding whether or not to date your ex can be a tricky situation. Obviously, you must have liked them enough to want to date them in the past, but the reasons that the two of you broke up could be enough to keep you weary about giving the relationship a second try. Before you decide that dating your ex would be a good step for you to take, you should first decide weigh the many challenges that can come with re-dating someone that you once had an established relationship with. To do this requires that you weigh both the pros and cons of re-dating your ex, and see if trying again is worth the time and effort of both of you.

Why Did You Break Up?

The first thing you need to look at is why the two of you broke up in the first place. While it is true that everyone can change, breaking up with someone because they cheated on you can often be cause for some concern when it comes to getting back together. If your ex cheated on you, you may end up constantly worried that they will cheat on you again. Often you will find yourself doubting just about everything that he or she says, which will put a strain on your relationship from the very beginning. Likewise, if you were the one who cheated, your ex may never actually trust you. This will end up irritating you, and damaging the relationship that the two of you are trying to build.

If the two of you broke up for differences that don’t have anything to with cheating or other trust issues, it is a much stronger possibility that the two of you can successfully start dating again. Make sure that the two of you talk about your break up, especially if one (or both) of you never really had any closure about why you broke up. Be honest, and lay out your expectations in the beginning so that both of you will be on the same page.

What’s In It for You?

Are You Up For Re Dating Your Ex?

Are You Up For Re-Dating Your Ex?

The next thing you need to consider when trying to decide whether or not you should re-date your ex is what’s in it for you. Think about where you are in your life, and what you want out of a significant other. If you are at the stage in your life where you want to settle down, get married, and have children, you should make sure that this is something that he or she is interested in as well. If you don’t have an interest in starting a family, make sure he or she shares that feeling with you. The last thing you want is to do is try for a relationship with this person again only to have it end because the two of you aren’t looking for the same things.

Tell your ex what you want, and encourage them to do the same thing. Know exactly what each of you want before starting the same relationship. If your ex is hesitant to answer your questions, you may want to avoid attempting another relationship with them. Remember, you’re supposed to be them a second chance. If you feel confused going into a new relationship with them, it probably won’t be worth your time, energy, and effort.

Do You Feel Like You Have No Other Option?

Be Certain Of The Reason why You Are Re Dating You Ex

Be Certain Of The Reason why You Are Re-Dating You Ex

The worst thing you can do is re-date your ex simply because you feel like you don’t have any other options. If the two of you broke up for valid reasons, dating your old ex is simply because you miss being in a relationship is never a good way to go. If you’re dating your ex because you’re lonely, and not because you really want to be with them, the relationship is bound to go south. Don’t worry about rushing into another relationship with your ex just because you want someone to be with. Take some time to know and learn who and what you want so that your next relationship is better than your last.

Deciding whether or not you should date your ex will take time. Take some time getting to know them again before you rush into anything. Focus on open communication and friendship before moving into an actual relationship. If you find yourself feeling like you’re unsure of whether or not you should pursue a relationship with your ex, you may want to bypass the relationship altogether and just keep things friendly between the two of you.

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