north west for 2012

Voala aerial performance

De Coubertin’s vision of the modern games as a marriage between art and sport inspired the Cultural Olympiad in the North West to make a 21st century proposition for human nature and culture: WE PLAY.

WE PLAY invites people in the North West to connect and be part of a community of Players in the Olympic year. Players’ local interplay and interaction with the Olympic and Paralympic Games will unite people across our region into one community. A community that champions play as an essential requirement to fulfil human potential in the 21st century.

Humans are designed by nature to play throughout life, and London 2012 is a festival of human endeavour which celebrates the achievements of play. Play is an activity that connects art and sport. It drives innovation and learning across many fields. Through play we can all progress and we all have the ability to play – not just artists and athletes.

The final chapter of the Cultural Olympiad in the North West encourages people to get involved in London 2012 events and leave a legacy of their own. Everyone is invited to take part in an Olympic journey which starts on 8 March 2012 with the WE PLAY Challenge and closes with WE PLAY Expo, the North West’s finale event for London 2012, from 7-9 September.

London 2012 is a call to action and a catalyst for social change. For the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be an effective mechanism for social change, we need people to come forward, to connect and to play.