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Blaze Boom Bike Band get set for the WE PLAY Expo!

Posted 27 August 2012 by Ash Murphy in Art & Culture, WE PLAY Challenge, What's On

The Blaze Boom Bike summer school is around the corner and as one of the project managers there's a lot to be done. The team has been working together planning the summer school to make sure the new young people joining the band for this one-off performance can get creative and involved!

Jennifer’s been planning some fantastic movement workshops based on the works of various movement artists. Myself, Matt and Dan have been putting together some music activities which aim to get creative input from all the young people joining.

Recruiting new members was an exciting experience as there were many applicants from all walks of life. One thing that I feel strongly about is the Boom Bike Band's aims to bring together musicians and performers from anywhere with any talent, nothing is unwelcome!

So the Summer School will start this week; we have three days to put together some songs for the final performance for Blaze Festival at the WE PLAY Expo in Preston. With the variety in young people it’s set to be something spectacular!

Then the Boom Bike Band will dash off to Mintfest as part of Lakes Alive after being asked back from our last year’s performance which ended up being the opening act for the amazing wired aerial show in front of thousands of people!

So here’s to a bright future for Boom Bike and creating new and unique opportunities for young people across the country!

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Great! As always!

Posted Thu 13 Sep 09:19 by Handstand

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