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WE PLAY has been a resounding success

30 January 2013 in Art & Culture, WE PLAY Challenge

WE PLAY has been a resounding success internationally, nationally and across the North West.

Since its launch in 2009, WE PLAY has delivered more than 1,200 public events and workshops across the North West region, reached more than 2 million people and attracted 875,000 people to public events.

The programme has engaged people from all sections of the community with 30% of audiences from neighbourhoods of no or limited arts engagement and almost a quarter of all audiences from communities ranked within the 20% most deprived within England.

The programme has delivered 170 entirely new commissions and presented the work of more than 2,650 artists, all of which has taken place through more than 400 new partnerships.

You can see the impressive results achieved so far in the final WE PLAY evaluation. Please follow this link to view a short film or download the full report

WE PLAYs series of annual programmes, collaborative projects and new commissions have left a legacy of partnerships across different sectors, a new cultural infrastructure in the North West and artworks and events which have a life beyond 2012.

The three annual WE PLAY programmes - Abandon Normal Devices, Lakes Alive and Blaze - gathered momentum and public interest over the first three years, ensuring that in the Olympic Year, the North West programme was truly outstanding. Each of these programme strands will continue independently and are currently carving out plans for the future.

Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to WE PLAY over the past four years.

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