north west for 2012

Major Tom

Earned 69 Challenge Points

Preston, United Kingdom

I'm a local yokel who wants to be a part of life

Favourite child's toy
Wierd green alien in a purple spaceship (??)
Favourite child's cartoon
Road Runner...beepbeep....cmon Wiley!
Last thing I made with my own hands
This Avatar!
Proudest thing I've done with my own hands
Offering them in friendship
My top likes
Getting outside and being a part of new things
My top dislikes
Predjuduce and self-pity

Favourite event so far

Water Fools performance by Iloptopie

Water Fools 7 2

Fri 10 Aug 2012 to Sat 11 Aug 2012 Crow Park

Events attended

WE PLAY Expo graphic

WE PLAY Expo 28 4

Fri 7 Sep 2012 to Sun 9 Sep 2012 Avenham & Miller Parks

Torch Logo

Olympic Torch Relay 23 June 13 3

Sat 23 Jun 2012 Various locations across the North West

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