north west for 2012


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Manchester, United Kingdom

I'm here for the challenges, bring it on!!!

Favourite child's toy
BMX bike
Favourite child's cartoon
Road Runner
Last thing I made with my own hands
Hand scanner
Proudest thing I've done with my own hands
Built the table in our living room
My top likes
Scuba diving and Driving on open roads on bright summer days
My top dislikes
Self obsessed pop wannabees and Boy bands (see no1 dislike)

Events attended

Global Rainbow in Preston

Global Rainbow 24 16

Thu 8 Mar 2012 to Sun 11 Mar 2012 Night sky above Preston and across the North West

Ziya Aziz

Looping the Loop 21 12

Sat 19 May 2012 12.30pm - 5pm The Quays Waterfront, Greater Manchester

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