north west for 2012

Handprint picture by artist Alastair Eilbeck Cultural Olympiad

Be part of a living artwork and earn points in the WE PLAY Challenge!

Handprint is both an online artwork and a physical installation. It will be co-created by North West new media artists Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey and you, the WE PLAY Challenge online community.

Handprints are a unique yet unifying symbol, representing both our independence and our interdependence. We play, create and bond with our hands.

You can join in with Handprint and become a Player in the WE PLAY Challenge by uploading a picture of your hand. Your handprint is the navigator on your own personal London 2012 journey. The picture you upload becomes your 'avatar' and will be part of a living digital artwork which captures and visualises the connections you make with people and events.

As Players' journeys progress, Handprint visualises the networks and activities of each member of the WE PLAY Challenge community. It promotes collaboration, participation and interaction between players and events. It involves Players in co-creating an artwork that will be seen by thousands at the WE PLAY Expo. In its online form, Handprint is constantly growing and changing, personalised to every member of the WE PLAY Challenge community.

Anyone can sign up to take part in the WE PLAY Challenge. Upload your Handprint avatar, turn your hand into an artwork and make your mark on London 2012!

Once it begins to grow, you'll be able to see Handprint online at  

HandPrint - Explore digital connections in the online world