north west for 2012

Blaze participant at Urban Culture Jam 2011 Cultural Olympiad

The people of the North West are coming together to share their London 2012 experiences and we want you to be a part of it! The journey begins with the WE PLAY Challenge and culminates in Preston 7 – 9 September 2012 at WE PLAY Expo - the North West’s closing celebration for London 2012.

1. Join in

Sign up to the WE PLAY Challenge, create your handprint avatar and begin the journey…

The Challenge has three dimensions – physical, online and digital:

  • Physical participation in London 2012 events and activities in the North West this summer
  • Online environment where players can connect and share their experiences
  • Handprint – a digital artwork which captures and visualises Players’ connections to London 2012

2. Take part

Be a great Player in the Challenge by taking part in London 2012 activities and events and watch Handprint grow!

  • Compete and collaborate to be a great Player. Head to the What’s On section of this website to choose which events you'll go to.
  • Earn reward points for taking part in any of the wide range of London 2012 activities and events happening in the North West.
  • Play your part in making living artwork Handprint grow by documenting your journey online. Players can record their activities and share experiences by uploading photos and comments.
  • Watch Handprint evolve as more people sign up and play!

3. Turn up

Join the community of Challenge players over the final weekend of London 2012 in Preston and see Handprint at the WE PLAY Expo.

  • Meet up with the WE PLAY Challenge community at WE PLAY Expo on 7 – 9 September - a weekend like no other celebrating the success and achievements of the North West.
  • Play with a large scale interactive projection of thousands of live handprints controlled remotely online or directly with smart phones at the end of your journey.

Be proud of your mark on Handprint and be part of the London 2012 journey in the North West.