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Why We Play image Cultural Olympiad

The WE PLAY hotline is a chance for you to earn more points in the WE PLAY Challenge by calling to describe what the word 'play' means to you.

We want to know where you grew up, what play inspired you when you were young? How do you play now? And why do you play? We want you to call and give us a little insight into your imagination…

When you dial the hotline, your call will go straight through to an answer machine. Please leave your thoughts about play after the message. The WE PLAY hotline is completely anonymous, no identities will be revealed and at no stage will your number be recorded or will anyone attempt to contact you.

The WE PLAY hotline is part of a documentary film by Mike Todd called Why We Play which will be premiered at WE PLAY Expo. By leaving your message you give full rights to it being used in a public show or exhibition in whatever way the artists want to use it.

The WE PLAY hotline is free to call: 0800 066 3620

Call the WE PLAY hotline on 0800 066 3620