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Emoto: Visualising Global Emotion

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Festival 2012 London

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Created by Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment, Studio NAND. Commissioning partnership with the Cultural Olympiad programme in the North West. Produced by Future Everything. Funded by Arts Council England and Legacy Trust UK.



Thu 26 Jul 2012 to Sun 9 Sep 2012




Free, no tickets required

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Art, Digital Media


Cultural Olympiad, London 2012 Festival, WE PLAY

The worldwide audience response to London 2012 is revealed in stunning interactive digital displays and 3D sculpture. Emoto tracks social media sites for themes related to London 2012 and analyses messages for content and emotional tone. The collected emotion data can be viewed in real-time on a web-based visualisation from 26 July 2012. At the end of the Games, a “data sculpture” will serve as an aggregate archive of the collective response to London 2012 at the WE PLAY Expo.

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